Oct 21

Retro Games – Part 2

 Part 1 continued…

Atari 2600

You can play these games using an emulator, once you install it then you’ll be able to play any game (ROMs) listed in here. I’ve only tried Donkey Kong.


Commodore 64

BC’s Quest for Tires game play… I used to play this one a lot.



Duck Hunt

It was exciting and fun to play at first, but soon you’ll realize how repetitive the game-play is and get bored!

Zapper Light Gun

It’s available on iTunes Store: [Link]


Sakhr AX170

From left to right: Konami’s Soccer, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, The Castle, Rambo, King’s Valley II & Penguin Adventure

And here’s another emulator for MSX games, you can download the game ROMs listed in here.


Nintendo Gameboy


The first Gameboy game.



Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Fall of the Foot Clan


Nintendo (NES)

Captain Tsubasa Vol. II – Super Striker

Based on the popular Anime series Captain Tsubasa (AKA Captain Majed), I used to play it on my brother’s NES.


SEGA Genesis (16-bit)

Streets of Rage

One of SEGA’s best ‘beat ’em up’ game series, I enjoyed playing all 3 parts.

What sets this game apart is the great soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro. here‘s one track called ‘Attack the Barbarian’ played on each stage boss, if you’ve played this game before you’ll recognize it.

All 3 parts are available on iTunes Store:
Streets of Rage: [Link]
Streets of Rage 2: [Link]
Streets of Rage 3: [Link]

Disney’s Aladdin

Aladdin was extremely popular, it was awarded the best Genesis game of 1993.

Michael Jackson, Moon Walker

I’m a big fan of the King of Pop. This was a beat-em’ up game but using only MJ’s magical powers and dance moves without any use of weapons or physical contact.

The Lion King

Just like Aladdin, this one became popular too.

Earth Worm Jim

A very bizzare game yet fun!

Available on iTunes Store: [Link]

Fido Dido

7up mascot, who doesn’t love him?

An unusual and addictive game! The gameplay was very enjoyable with challenging puzzles.

Home Alone

Based on the popular movie, you’ll be playing as Kevin who has to set traps to slow down the burglars.

Ecco The Dolphin

Available on iTunes Store: [Link]


Jurassic Park

Another two games based on hit movies.

Shadow Dancer

 I found a great emulator for SEGA games, you can download it from [here]

Download your favorite game ROM from CoolRom.com [Link]


SEGA Game Gear

Sonic The Hedgehog



Road Avenger

It’s an anime-style FMV driving game; I remember it came for free with my Mega CD II drive.

Available on iTunes Store: [Link]

Dragon’s Lair

Another popular FMV game.

Available on iTunes Store: [Link]

Dracula Unleashed

It was one of the earliest games to make heavy use of FMV, this was without a doubt my favorite FMV game.

Dracula Unleashed game play…


Sony PlayStation


AKA Iron Fist, a classic Playstation game. Several sequels were released to-date.

Die Hard Trilogy

One of the 1st PS games I’ve played.

Metal Gear Solid

Resident Evil (Biohazard)

There are over 10 releases of RE, 5 main parts including remakes, prequels, and the gun survivor series among others. This is one of Playstation’s greatest survival horror games.

Silent Hill

Another great survival horror game, a true RE rival! I’ve played other similar games i.e. Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis & Alone in the Dark.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

This is also a survival horror game.

Yes, they’re my favorite.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider II

This is the 1st part I’ve played in the series; all I can remember is the extremely annoying butler! He kept following me around with that rattling tray in his hands, when he bumps into me he groans and break wind! So I used to lock him in the Freezer.


Believe it or not, I loved it more than GTA.

The City of Lost Children

I liked this game though it’s kinda awkward, the graphics were great as well as the music. However, I hate it when ‘Miette’ says things like “I can’t manage it“, “There’s nothing in my pocket” or “I can’t do anything“… that can be really frustrating!

Broken Sword

An awesome point-and-click adventure game series! very fun and enjoyable indeed.

There are 5 releases, if you haven’t played any of them yet it’s not too late! The first 2 parts are available on the iTunes store, I strongly suggest that you do play it but you have to play ‘The Shadow of the Templers’ first.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templers: [Link]
Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror: [Link]

Crash Bandicoot

And last but not least, the hyperactive Crash Bandicoot!

I used to think it’s a dog! but later on I found out that Bandicoots are marsupials! [Photo]

Crash‘s famous happy dance after beating each level.


PC Games

Prince of Persia (MS-DOS)

It was pre-installed on my ’92 IBM


The most popular FPS game.


I never quite understood the storyline but I was amazed with the graphics. This was the 1st PC game (CD) I’ve ever bought.

Another World

A legendary adventure PC game, very innovative with amazing graphics for its time.

Available on iTunes Store:  [Link]

Amber: Journeys Beyond

This is an AMAZING 1st-person perspective point-and-click adventure PC game.

It contained well-shot QuickTime FMV cut scenes, and the atmosphere of this game is kind of bizarre, in a good way! ‘Amber’ was an independent project developed by a husband and wife, too bad they didn’t develop other games.

Lighthouse: The Dark Being

A point-and-click fun adventure game with sort of tricky puzzles, the ‘Dark Being’ from the parallel world looks so much like Smeagol from the Lord of The Rings!

Shivers II: Harvest of Souls

A horror point-and-click game, the game CD also included a complete soundtrack of some fictional rock band, these songs were played during the game-play providing hints and clues to help solve the game puzzles.


A point-and-click adventure game with lots of weirdos and crazy people! the overall atmosphere of the game is really creepy and the game-play can be disturbing sometimes but that’s what makes it an awesome game!

Grim Fandango

A “must play” game, trust me… it’s nothing like you’ve ever played.

Grim Fandango won several awards; it was Lucas Arts’ 1st 3D graphics PC game.

Grim Fandango gameplay of Year 1, Part 1… did you recognize the voice of Manny Calavera? no? it’s none other than Tony Plana!


So, what was your favorite game?


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