Oct 20

Retro Games – Part 1

My greatest childhood memories came from the 80’s; the 90’s were fun too but the 80’s memories will always remain special.

I’m not sure why I always yearn for the past, it could be the fact that I’ve lived my happiest days during those years, maybe even because things has changed and I miss those times when life was less complex… the times when the simplest things made me happy.

I’m sure other bloggers may have already posted about a similar subject, but you have no idea how much I enjoyed writing this post, so this is mostly for me.

I used to be obsessed with video games. In this post, I will only talk about game consoles I’ve owned from the year 1982 until 2000, and since I love PC games too I’ll post photos of my early computers as well.

This is going to be a lengthy post! *deep breath*… here goes!


Nintendo Game & Watch (Fire) & (Parachute)

Nintendo Game & Watch was my first handheld electronic game and these two were my favorite from this series. Each one came with two game difficulty settings (Game A & Game B), they were also equipped with a built-in alarm clock, hence the name Game & Watch.


Nintendo Game & Watch dual-screen (Donkey Kong )

This one was a favorite too, my first dual-screen Game & Watch


Nintendo Game & Watch dual-screen (Donkey Kong II)

If you have never played Game & Watch and would like to try, you can play this one in [here]


COLECO Pac-Man Tabletop Mini Arcade

A mini version of the popular Arcade game.


Atari 2600

Atari 2600 is the most recognized game console, a true classic.

I bet everyone had one of these!


Commodore 64

My first 8-bit home computer, Commodore 64 was very popular in the 80’s

C64 Start-up Screen

These are Commodore 64 peripherals that I’ve used, Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive (left) & Commodore 1530 C2N Datassette (right)

C64 5¼ Floppy Disks

The games came on these floppy disks, and they actually are floppy!


Nintendo Family Computer – AKA Famicom

We used to call it “Family Game“, not sure why though!


Sakhr AX170

An EPIC game console, this was the best birthday gift ever!


Nintendo Gameboy

It reminds me of the Iraqi invasion ’cause I bought it in the summer of 1990… later on I bought a vibrant yellow Gameboy from the ‘Play it Loud!’ series and I still have it — it was similar to the original with the monochromatic display.


SEGA Genesis (16-bit)

Another classic, probably the most popular 3rd generation game console.


Sega Game Gear

Sonic the Hedgehog was more enjoyable on this one!


IBM Personal Computer (Windows 3.1)

My very first PC, I think I bought it in early 1992. The main operating system was MS-DOS

when I start-up my PC I’d get a dull black screen with the following MS-DOS command-line…

…entering the command C:\>WIN will start-up windows which was Windows 3.1

not much color in there, eh?


Super Nintendo SNES – 16-bit

A very popular game console in it’s day but never was one of my favorite…



Sega Mega Drive II is from the 4th generation game consoles.


Sony PlayStation

A 5th generation game console. Playstation was a huge improvement in the gaming experience, surpassing both SNES and SEGA Mega drive.


Acer Aspire Desktop 460 (Windows 95)

I loved it a lot! the emerald green color looked awesome. I remember that mine also included a phone handle hanging on the right-side of the monitor with a pre-installed fax software and answering machine. A ‘voice recognition software‘ was also installed, it was so cool to be able to control my PC with voice commands!

Over 40 CDs of games and programs were included, my favorite was 3D Movie Maker, here‘s a demo. I used to spend HOURS making short movies, it was a lot of fun and very easy to use.

Minesweeper, I mostly enjoyed it in a computer lab during a boring lecture!

… 1995, that was also the year when I first used mIRC.


Acer Extensa 503T Laptop (Windows 98)

I’ve never liked laptops, this was probably my first and only laptop…


Sony PS One – with LCD Screen

A compact Playstation. The LCD screen was pretty cool too, even though the display resolution was not so great.


Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)

Playstation 2 the “bulky” version, it is said that it was the best-selling console of all time.

in 2004, PS2 Slimline was released, it looked better and most importantly it was much quieter!


That’s it for this part, hope it brought back some good memories 🙂

On the 2nd part, I’ll post some of ‘my’ most memorable games…


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