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Apr 13

Candice Glover Performs “Love Song”

A stunning performance by Candice Glover! I hate to admit it but I loved her version more than Adele’s, I really hope she wins Idol.

Candice Glover‘s studio version of the song {Link}

Adele – Love Song {Link}

Aug 31

The X Factor USA

It’s official! Britney Spears is an X Factor USA judge on season 2!
although I don’t like her and I hate her singing but I’m very curious to see how she does!


Apr 01

American Idol: Jessica Sanchez


 I’m rooting for her, her vocals are so amazing and very Beyonce-like! I really hope she wins the title.


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Oct 08

Bernhoft from Norway


Bernhoft, the one-man band.

Notice how he uses the loop-machine under his feet… amazing!


Sep 30

The X Factor (USA)

I love the all new X Factor USA! I was surprised that Simon has decided to lower the minimum age to 12, perhaps he realized that the same idea proved to be a success on American Idol (the minimum age on American Idol was 15 though).

So far this season looks promising aside from having plenty of weirdos! There was that girl who claims that she sees ghosts? and another one who talked too much and sang barefoot, there were many far worse contestants from Bizzaro world but I won’t get into it.


Sep 14


Adele on the cover of UK Vogue (October 2011 issue)

Adele just launched her official iPhone app; if you’re a fan of her then you’d want to get it.

You can download it for free in [here]