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Jul 26

TASSIMO by Bosch


TASSIMO T55: Multi Beverage Machine

ماكينة “تاسيمو” من بوش لصنع المشروبات الساخنة

وقع اختياري على هذه الماكينة تحديدا لأسباب عديدة…


Nov 25

Amazon’s Kindle Fire

It’s been a hectic week but it’s finally over! Now I get to kick back and play with my new tablet.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire came pre-registered to my account; all my account content was already there including my books. No settings are required except for Wi-Fi access info and time zone.

It comes with 6GB of on-device available memory + Free Amazon Cloud storage of 5GB. Aside from the Amazon App store, Kindle fire includes very few apps (i.e. E-Mail, Pandora, Facebook, Pulse, etc). Also, as an Amazon Prime member, I get free access to video steaming of old popular movies and TV shows, I can also borrow books for free as frequently as once a month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.


Oct 21

iPad Stand

'Just Mobile' UpStand™ for iPad


I love it, it looks awesome! it’s compatible with both iPad and iPad 2 and can hold your iPad either vertically or horizontally. If you’re using a bluetooth keyboard this’ll be just perfect.

Buy it at for $43.99 [Link]

Fetha, you’d want to use this in the Kitchen so you can easily read recipes while you’re cooking 😉


Oct 20

Retro Games – Part 1

My greatest childhood memories came from the 80’s; the 90’s were fun too but the 80’s memories will always remain special.

I’m not sure why I always yearn for the past, it could be the fact that I’ve lived my happiest days during those years, maybe even because things has changed and I miss those times when life was less complex… the times when the simplest things made me happy.

I’m sure other bloggers may have already posted about a similar subject, but you have no idea how much I enjoyed writing this post, so this is mostly for me.

I used to be obsessed with video games. In this post, I will only talk about game consoles I’ve owned from the year 1982 until 2000, and since I love PC games too I’ll post photos of my early computers as well.

This is going to be a lengthy post! *deep breath*… here goes!



Sep 29


iTableous by Benjamin Bachmeier from Germany

Benjamin Bachmeier designed a 40 inch touch table display named iTableous that looks like a giant white iPhone. Rather than iOS it works on Mac OS X and Windows 7.


Sep 18

Dior Touch Phone

Dior phone is sold at for $4,486.96

“A pioneer in Haute Couture mobile phones, today Christian Dior is launching the new Dior phone: a compact, high-performance luxury touch telephone. Easy and intuitive navigation and the perfect measurements for slipping into even the smallest purse. With its world of pictures and sounds,  the new Dior phone is a marvel of elegance and highly sophisticated, expert craftsmanship.”



Sep 06

Tablets Craze

     Will it ever come to an end? Not that I mind, really, but everyone is going crazy over tablets! The market is already filled with all sorts of tablets yet there are still more being developed.  I strongly believe that no tablet will ever replace the iPad, but to be honest, I’m very excited about two soon-to–be-released tablets…

The Amazon 7-inch tablet is rumored to go on sale this November at a price as low as $250 — very competitive compared to the other tablets! But it is said that they’ll be able to make more money from selling music, movies, e-Books and other services which should compensate for the device’s low price. The upcoming tablet will be fully integrated with Amazon’s services and it will be based on Google’s Andriod Honeycomb system (not the E-Ink technology used on their Kindle device).

According to researchers, it is predicted that “the new Amazon tablet could be the first true iPad challenger”.