Jun 09

Ghostbusters 3?

Bill Murray in Ghostbusters costume at the Scream Awards

On the Late Night Show David Letterman asked about a possible Ghostbusters 3, Bill Murray responded: “Well, that’s all that they wanted to know at Cannes, too. You know, you just gotta have a really good script. It’s hard. Even the second ‘Ghostbusters’ wasn’t as much fun for me as the first one. It’s hard to make a sequel. It’s gotta be really funny, and that first one was just so darn funny.

Youtube {Link}

Murray used to appose the idea of a 3rd sequel and even shredded the first script, since he’s one of the rights holders of the franchise it can’t be done without his consent; this interview however proves that he changed his mind! or so I’d like to believe, it would be awesome if they decided to make a sequel especially if the original cast returns!

 Link: {Screen Crush}


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  1. D says:

    well well well … so there might be a part 3 😉 now thats a good news 😉