Jan 22

A Cooking Class @ Carluccio’s

Carluccio's Café, The Avenues (Phase 1)

I’ve never attended a cooking class here in Kuwait. I read about this class on iLSuL6ana, my friend and I thought this should be fun so we went for it!


The class schedule is as follows:

from 9:30am to 10:30am we had Breakfast (Omelette, Fresh Juice & Coffee)

We arrived a bit late and immediately chose our breakfast, which was delicious!

Then we moved to the Class area. Everything was well prepared except for the tables, they were a bit far from the Chef’s table, and he kept asking us to come closer for a better look.

The cooking class started at 10:30am until 12:00pm

1.  Minestrone alla Milanese Soup.

Chef David Barison

Minestrone alla Milanese Soup

We were served every dish prepared by the Chef to taste it; I think the best dish was the Soup!

2. Risotto ai Funghi Porcini.

Risotto ai Funghi Porcini

3. Panna Cotta al Caffe

Panna Cotta al Caffe

We really enjoyed attending this class; it was an exciting experience! I hope to see more interesting classes to attend here in Kuwait.


Special thanks to Carluccio’s Café & Chef David Barison.


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  1. Ansam says:

    I attended a couple of cooking showcases so far.. I missed this one 😉 looks like you had a good time 😀

  2. mae says:

    Hi dears
    I’m addicted to your blog 🙂

    I enjoy every post.
    Thank you for being apart of my life and making every day
    I have a question about the cooking class.
    It would be a great idea for my husband and I to attend such a class
    If you can tell me on what day do they have class?
    Best regards goes to Fetha and Th’haba and all the girls behind this blog..

    • Fetha says:

      Ana o th.haba ntshakr mnch 3la kl shy gltee b7agna welli ya3nelna wayed wayed 😀
      O blnsba lel cooking class atwaqa3 ra7 ykon fi class on Friday 3n el pasta .. Price is KD 12 7g kl shy! .. Hatha raqmhm etha t7ben t7jzen, Carluccio’s tel: 22597310.
      Mashkora Mae, wenshalla ta3jbch el ashya2 elthanya eli bn76ha 🙂

    • Th.haba says:

      I second everything Fetha said.

      Thank you mae, we’re so glad to know that you enjoy our blog and we hope you keep following us and enjoy our future posts 😀

  3. D says:

    Wanasaaa !!! makent adry 3endena chetheeeh !!! next time golooly bayey weyakom 😛

    o glad u enjoyed it girls 😉 3assa ma 7aragtaw shay ? 😛

    • Th.haba says:

      LOL! oho lo ana ray7a chan 7aragt ashya’a mo bs shy wa7ed! 😛 ana ma7eb el 6obakh ma kent ma3aha, fetha ra7at weya her friend 🙂

    • Fetha says:

      A9ln ana 5alait el chef yg3d o 6ba5t bdala! j/k ;P
      Tra bs kenna nshoof .. allahomma mskna el spoon 3shan el 9ora 😀
      Nshala mara thanya enty eli btsaweelna cooking class we7na nt6amsh 🙂

      • D says:

        looooooooooooool Th.haba entay madry laish kent 7assa ena mo lich sowalif el6ebakh faa mo metfaj’a hahahah ..

        ama el Chef Silver kheffay 3alaina ya food network loooooool

        o 3an elte7eresh … tara a3aref a6bakh .. bas latgoleely e3yoosh o mechabees BIG NO NO 😛 asawee baith mafyoo7 .. baith 3yoon .. baith ma3foos loooooool j/k

        wala a3aref specially sweets ;P 7arraa 😛

        • Th.haba says:

          LOOOL afaaa lay hal daraja embayen mali eb hal sowalef? lol ana nafsech tara khaberat baith eb kel anwa3a 😛 bs ghaira mako allahoma ella el 7elo mal awal bo baskoot el ma6a7en o gaimar o flake lol

          LOL@food network! bas tara Fetha khabeerat sweets mashallah o sheghelha latheeeth 😀

          • D says:

            Th.haba bada3taaaaaaaay eb6abaq el7ilow eldather .. 3ayal ana akshakh menech .. el7ilow maly elmash hoor .. kakaw mars o corn flackes looooool

            hmmm ya3ni fee monafasa weya Silverrr ;P khala9 ensawee ta8ady baina lol wely efooz yakil el 6abaqain 😛 lol

  4. Th.haba says:

    looool la khala9 ana enshallah baseer khoosh wa7da o bat3alamli cham shy 😛