Sep 10

Summer Barbecue by Pottery Barn

BBQ Invitation Card (Sample)


Picnic Table

 Gorgeous! Food presentation is very nice and the view is fantastic…

The theme used for this BBQ party is U.S. Independence Day...


Chef Joey Altman Burger Recommendation


3 Grilled Sandwiches: Buffalo Burger, Salmon Burger and Vegetarian Portobello Burger

It’s the sauces that really make these sandwiches. Altman recommends first grilling the vegetables needed for the sauces, then making the sauces themselves. Next grill all the meat at the same time to keep them evenly hot. Finally assemble all the sandwiches and fold them into a parchment paper cuff. Though these make a total of nine burgers, feel free to increase or decrease quantities to suit the size of your party.

Buffalo Burger with Grilled Red Onions and Chipotle Barbecue Sauce on Sesame Buns

Sauce: Start with your favorite store-bought barbecue sauce and add minced chipotle chilies. You can buy them canned in the grocery’s international section. Use these smoked jalapeños sparingly because they add a lot of heat. Altman recommends making two bowls, one mild and one spicy.
Grill: Grill your red onions tossed in olive oil first. Ground buffalo is leaner than beef, with a richer, sweeter, non-gamy taste. But like beef, you shouldn’t overwork the meat, and should season it with plenty of salt and pepper before forming the patties. Since they will continue to cook on the bun, undercook them slightly so that they’re perfect when served.

Grilled Salmon Sandwich with Jalapeño Tartar Sauce on Kaiser Rolls

Sauce: Grill and chop 2–3 stalks of green onion and add them to a bowl of mayonnaise. Char one roasted jalapeño pepper on the grill for five minutes and, after it cools, peel the skin. Cut the top, slit it open, scrape away the seeds and mince the flesh, adding it to the mayo. Next add some of the chopped red onion that you grilled for the buffalo burger, some minced bread and butter pickles, and fresh chopped dill or tarragon. Finish with fresh ground pepper and salt, and mix together. The result is a sweet, spicy, smoky, tangy tartar sauce that’s perfect for salmon.
Grill: Salt both sides of the fish before grilling. Altman recommends using a striated griddle pan to keep the salmon pieces whole, crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich with Smoked Fontina Cheese and Roasted Pepper Aoli on Whole Wheat Buns

Sauce: Grill one red pepper until the skin forms a black, crispy char. Like the jalapeño pepper above, peel it when cool, cut off the top, slit, de-seed and mince the flesh. Add it to a bowl of mayo with minced garlic, fresh ground pepper and salt, and blend together.
Grill: Brush the portobello mushroom cap with olive oil, salt and pepper, and grill it top-side down first. Flip it and top with a slice of the smoked fontina cheese.


French Fries as a side dish...


...and last but not least, DESSERT!


This red, white and blue dessert requires no cooking and assembles in minutes. In parfait glasses, crumble shortcake at the bottom, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, add quartered strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, and top with whipped cream flavored with a touch of sugar and vanilla. Keep layering until you reach the top. Finish with whipped cream, a sprig of mint and a Madeleine cookie.

Serve immediately.


[Source: Pottery Barn]


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