Sep 14


Adele on the cover of UK Vogue (October 2011 issue)

Adele just launched her official iPhone app; if you’re a fan of her then you’d want to get it.

You can download it for free in [here]


Adele is my favorite artist of all; her voice is just so big and beautiful it gives me the chills! It’s been nearly a year since “Rolling In The Deep” was first released, but it’s still one of my favorite songs.

I don’t think that anyone can sing it better than she does, but I was truly amazed when Haley Reinhart sang it live on “American Idol” last April, she was already my favorite contestant but I loved her even more after that stunning performance! It was very brave of her to choose that song, she added “her own thing” as the judges put it… and by her own thing they meant all that growling and yodeling she does not to mention the nice rasp in her voice that I love most.



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